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Electrical Services

At Empire Electric USA, we pride ourselves on being on-time, and providing a quality project for our customers at a fair price.

Safety is key for us, as our biggest asset is the skilled, knowledgeable craftsmen that we have in the field every day.

With decades of electrical service and construction we know what it takes to keep customers happy and coming back to us project after project with a trust that must be earned and appreciated.

Be assured we will stand behind our products and services with a 1-year minimum warranty on every job we do.

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Check this first! It could save you some money

Before scheduling an appointment, you may want to check a couple things first if you feel comfortable doing so.

If you have no power see if you have a breaker in the tripped/center position, turn it off and back on. It could be that simple, if it trips again, please call us immediately so we can repair the problem and keep you safe.

Also, sometimes it is just a GFCI receptacle that needs reset. The same is recommended, if the problem persist, please give us a call.

(509) 987-1189
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Maintaining your Empire.

Preventative maintenance can also save money down the road and prevent downtime. We offer services for all types for electrical systems at competitive rates to keep your building running seamlessly. If your system has not been inspected for a long period of time, there is a good chance there are things going on that could only be detected with the proper inspection and testing.

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